Sunday, November 26, 2006

Christmas Stocking Swap

I sent to my swap partner a while ago, but I'm going to wait to post pictures of what I sent her until after she posts on craftsters. But this is the great package Jailin sent me!!

group shot of everything, check out that stocking!!!

photo album and swap journal. vegas and racing! :)

gator necklace from my wist, dog tin and treats, bath and body wash and pouch

crochet turtle, SO cute!!

glass and wood box she made Nascar themed. :)

dice earrings, stitch markers, cards with a dog and 3 with a turtle, and racing scrapbook stuff

pretty felt, vegas fabric, a ribbon I'm going to use for a headband, lip glosses and a lip gloss holder, and a vegas themed sewing kit

here's a closeup of the turtle pin. ;D

and I wore the gator necklace to church the other night. :)

Sweat Shoppe Swap pt2

Here are more things I got in the sweat shoppe swap. :)

beautiful cards from Devilninny ;D

penguino made me these cute pins, I can't wait to wear them :)

battie from Mikaiyawa, LOVE the fabric!

and Mikaiyawa sent me earrings and stitch markers!

serialcrafter sent me this awesome travel organizer! It makes me even sadder that it's nascar's off season and I won't get to travel til the season starts up again but I know I will get to use this a lot next year! :)

starpiste sent me this cupcake. It's so cute!! ;D

redpopsicles made me armwarmers. I've worn them every day since getting them. :)

I have 2 items left to receive from this swap. :)

Doggie Swap

I already posted pictures of what I sent for the doggie swap, but here is what I received from Skapende. :)

Pocono shyly checking out her new toy

getting more into it

now she's got it :)

looking at all her new presents

checking out herself in the picture frame

deciding she had enough of all the picture taking, she's ready for her treats! :)

Friday, November 17, 2006

Shop my Sweat Shoppe Swap

I am currently in the shop my sweat shoppe swap. I chose 5 items to make and people chose what they want. I mailed all the items out and 2 have received so far. I'll post pictures of what I made when more people receive so I don't ruin any surprises. :) But I will post the 2 items I received so far.

I received my scarf from chimerix yesterday. It looks SO amazing! I spent a really long time playing with it. It's long and you can do all kinds of stuff with it.

The beautiful design

how I plan to usually wear it

one of my scary poses when I was playing with the scarf. :)

and here's the journal I received from Cornflakegirly today! It's the perfect size, and I love the design.

Red Hot Chili Pepper Swap

I organized a Red Hot Chili Pepper swap after there was a lot of interest for it shown. There were only 3 of us who signed up for it though.

I made dearjoan a John Frusciante bag, a wrist cuff, a zipper pull and some pins.

and what I received from PagodaP

group shot

Dog Swap

I am currently involved in a little dog swap. My partner is Skapende.

I sent a reversable dog coat, a tote, fabric and some pins

entire package including the coat, a tote and buttons with my partner's dog pictures

and here's my swap partner, Skapende's dog Keesha wearing her new coat

one side is a heavier fabric for winter or fall winds

this side is a fuzzy blue

I haven't received yet, but I heard it's in the mail so I'll post when I receive. :D

Private Swap with ChloeisCrazy

ChloeisCrazy liked the hello kitty swap journal I made and wanted to do a private swap for it so she offered to make me headbands. :)

the journal and pins I sent

and the headbands she sent me

Hello Kitty Swap

I did the Hello Kitty swap in October. Here is what I sent Bebopchan.

group shot

Keroppi shirt

Stationary I made since she asked for some, and a store bought notebook

pins of her favorite hello kitty characters

swap journal

inside of swap journal

and what she sent me